Actor, Background Performer

Agency: ShowBiz Management

Contact: (604) 435-7469


Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Amanda Gray is known for police, military and doctor roles. She performs a Cher Impersonation (incl. vocal), a Kabuki Warrior Specialty Act (dance), and a clown act (Zephyr the Cat Clown). She also has actor and voice-over credits. See IMDB for more.
Film & Television
2018, The InBetween "Made of Stone"
Uniform Cop
David Von Ancken
2018, Spontaneous - feature
Hazmat Doctor #2
Brian Duffield
2015, Once Upon A Time "Dark Swan"
Candy Lady
Ron Underwood
Mentors "A Matter of Time Pt. 1"
Agent #1
Dan Howard
Mooning - short film
Aleks Kershinin
The Background - short film
Working Girl #2
John Blackie
Destiny Ridge "Elgin"
Peter Lhotka
Prom Night II, Hello Mary Lou - feature
Classroom Punk
Bruce Pitman
Commercial & Voice-over
2017, Audi A6 "Layers"
Business Executive
Venables Bell & Partners
Be of One Mind
Author: Tom Glod
Voice Answering System
The Citadel Theatre
Yuri Andryjowycz
Health Line
Fitness Advocate
Stand In
2019 - Supergirl S4
Ep. 422 "The Quest for Peace"
Utility day call
2019 - Supergirl S4
Ep. 421 "Red Dawn"
Utility day call
2019 - Van Helsing S4
Ep. 404 "Blood Ties"
Utility day call
2019 - Supergirl S4
Ep. 417 "All About Eve"
Utility day call
2018 - Stand In Training
Alex Stevens & Chris Deans
Extras Training Centre
2017 - Killer Ending
Utility day call
2018 - Movement Training for 'See'
2018 - Stand In Training
Alex Stevens & Chris Deans
Extras Training Centre
2018 - On Set Military
Thomas Potter
Blood & Iron
2017/18 - Firearm Safety, Handgun 1
Silvercore Training
2016/17 - Meisner X 3, Character sdy
Michelle Meyrink
The Actorium
2016 - On-Camera Audition
Josh Blacker
2014 - Intro to Clown
Jan Henderson
2014 - Improv Level 1
Rapid Fire Theatre
Being Real
Marc Baur
Technique for the Camera
Marc Baur
Role and Essence Workshop
Marc Baur
Improv Workshop
Dana Anderson
Comedy Workshop
Ian Ferguson
Grant MacEwan University
Theatre Arts Diploma (2 years)
The Citadel Theatre School
3 years
Special Skills
Firearm license: restrict/non-restrict
Singing: alto-mezzo
Dance: ballet, jazz & tap
Sword & stage fighting
Impersonations & dialects
Horseback riding: western
Driving: auto & manual
Costume design & sewing
Confidence with animals
Cher Impersonation (incl. vocal)
Ice Skating
International passport
Professional chef/pastry cook/baker
Cake decorating
Food Safe Certificate
Security guard/Patrol supervisor
PC tech support/programming/web
Clinical trials data management
Medical terminology
News journalist/photographer
Casino blackjack dealer
Beekeeper/honey house worker
Light tech with KISS tribute rock band
Wait staff
Retail/grocery/liquor store clerk
Insurance agent
Boat Tour Guide
Theatre Front of House/Usher
Hotel Front Desk Clerk/Night Auditor
Swimming with dolphins
Firefighter training
Standardized patient
Live mannequin
Model: photo, catwalk & hair
Murder mystery actor
Costumed Mascot
Kabuki Warrior Specialty Act
Touch for Health
Yoga/Zen meditation