Vancouver, BC
Circus Performer, Actor, Stunts, BG, Twin Boys

Agency: ShowBiz Management


Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 98 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Gabriella Kriss was born in Budapest, Hungary, where she spent all her years as a child model. By the age of 1 month she was a cover girl, and graced the pages and covers of many children's, parenting, and teacher's magazines for the following decade. She moved to Canada with her family at the age of 10 and started performing in film and theatre in 2000. A few years later, she fell in love with circus arts and enrolled in circus school in 2003. Just 1 short year later, Gabriella packed her bags and ran away to New York City to join a traveling circus and toured with Circus of the Kids for the next 3 years as an aerialist, fire eater, and trick roller skater, choreographing several of their aerial acts. Switching direction in 2008, Gabriella was cast as a magician's assistant and dancer with Abracadabra Show Productions and seasonally toured western and northern Canada with them until 2013, earning herself the position of top assistant and dance captain as well as performing as a puppeteer and several costumed characters with the company. Gabriella also performs as a clown and a mascot at many local children's events. Gabriella has been featured in the “Watchmen Portraits” photography book, Metro News, and many other newspapers across Western Canada. Gabriella's film work has included appearances on the TV Series "Endgame", "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour", "The 100", on the TV Movie "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library" and most recently, "Deadly Attraction" as Teresa'a stunt double.

Gabriella is also mom to 4 year old identical twin boys Tas and Hart Renforth also available for film work. The boys played on "Once Upon A Time", season 4 as "Prince Neal Charming". A resume is available upon request.

Wardrobe and Costumes
Business Suit/ Business Casual
Sporty/Yoga/Dance Wear & Shoes
Waitress (w. apron)
Homeless Look
1960s One Piece Bathing Suit
Circus Costumes (multiple)
Masks (multiple)
Clown (multiple)
Christmas Elf (multiple)
Butterfly/Fairies (multiple)
Medieval (c.1110-1135)
Ethnic (Hungarian/Transylvanian)
Octoberfest Beer Wench
Head Dresses/Hats (multiple)
Short Brown Wig
Hair Pieces
Alice in Wonderland
Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
Full Animated Gorilla Suit
Princess Leia
Wednesday Addams (x2, diff. styles)
Film & Television Acting (Selected)
Principal (Sophia Phillips)
Casey Thordarson/VFS
Iethics Module
Actor (Dietetic Intern)
Charles Heffernan/UBC Educational
The Haunting Hour (S.3 Ep. 23)
Principal (Robot)
James Head/Haunting Hour Prod.
Endgame (S.1 Ep. 10)
Actor (Rent-a-Guard)
David Frazee/Thunderbird Films
Wired Santa (S.1 All Eps.)
Principal (Chime)
Moyra Rodger/Out to See Ent. Inc.
My Life, My Dog
Lead (Gail)
Lucas Lowe/Leslie Lowe Ent.
R2H Adventures
Lead (Self)
Mitchell Lee Yuen/TTHC Productions
Daniele Lahlee
Principal (Vowels Lady)
T. Gempton/Cinematic Imaginations
Lead (April) 1xStunt
Donovan Cerminara/Twilight Prod.
Mr. Track Jacket
Principal (Julie)
Kent Southwell/Tablemedia Prod.
Principal (Macduff Girl) 1xStunt
Robert Light/Prospectus Productions
Cow Talk, Part 1
Lead (Agnes Bother)
Steve Cosmic/Bushpilot Productions
Film & Television Stunts & CGI
Deadly Attraction
Stunt Double (Teresa)
George Erschbamer/Parting Films Inc
Project MC2 (S.3 Ep. 04)
Stunt Double (Tessa)
Michael Younes/MGA Entertainment
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library
Stunt Double (Peckelman)
Scott McAboy/Lemoncello Productions
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library
Stunt Double (Yasmeen)
Scott McAboy/Lemoncello Productions
The 100 (S.1 Ep. 04)
Stunt Double (Charlotte)
P.J. Pesce/100 Films
V (S. 2 Ep. 10)
SAE (Queen Egg Hatchling)
Bryan Spicer/The Scott Peters Co.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
SAE (Chimpanzee)
Rupert Wyatt/Twentieth Century Fox
Film & Television Background (Selected)
Christmas Joy
SAE (Ice Skater)
Valley of the Boom(S.1 Ep 1/2)
SAE (Juggler)
VOTB Productions Inc.
DC Legends of Tomorrow(S.3 Ep.2)
SAE (Circus Performer)
Silver Strand Productions
Hit the Road(S.1 Ep.2)
SAE (Magician's Assistant)
Swallow's Prod.1 Inc.
Supergirl(S. 2 Ep.16)
SAE (Alien)
NC Films
SAE (Circus Performer)
CBS Television
Santa Pups
GB (Xmas Elf playing roller hockey)
Walt Disney
Smallville(S.10 Ep.17)
SAE (running from explosion)
Smallville 9 Films
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
SAE (Balloon Twister)
Twentieth Century Fox
Eureka(S.4 Ep.3)
SAE (Piggy Back Little Tech)
NBC Universal Television
Supernatural(S.5 Ep.22)
SAE (Upside Down Hung Demon)
Supernatural Films
Eureka(S.2 Ep.11)
SAE (Violent Golfer)
NBC Universal
Film & Television Photo Double
The Magicians (S.3)
Julia's Feet Double
Chris Fisher/Groundswell Productions
Georgia Double (preshoot stunt walk through)
Rawson Marshall Thurber/Main Mast Prod. Can. Inc.
The 100 (S.1 Eps. 03/04)
Charlotte Double
Various/100 Films
Once Upon A Time (S.3 Ep.07)
Wendy Double
Guy Ferland/Stage 49 Ltd.
The Killing (S.2 Eps. 06/07/08/09)
Sarah Linden's Hands
Ron French/Fox Television Studios
Alcatraz (S.1 Ep. 06)
Detective Rebecca Madsen's Hands
Jack Bender/Alcatraz Films
Once Upon A Time (Pilot)
Henry Double
Mark Mylod/ABC Studios
Croupier's Hands (Dealing Black Jack)
Nick Willing/Reunion Pictures
Stan Helsing
Fweddy's Effeminate Hand
Bo Zenga/Boz Productions
Supernatural (S.4 Ep. 20)
Claire Double
Charles Beeson/Kripke Enterprises
Film & Television Stand In (Selected)
A Series of Unfortunate Events(S.3)
Barry Sonnenfeld/Olaf II Prod. Inc.
Ruby Arias
Antonio Negret/137 Production
Mikael Salomon/Six 2 North Prod. Inc.
The Man In The High Castle(S.3)
Smith Girls
Meera Menon/Reunion MITHC2 Prod.
Rob Greenberg/TGL Productions Ltd.
Better Things
Pamela Adlon/Singularity Pilot Prod.
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library
Scott McAboy/Lemoncello Productions
Big Eyes(Feature Film)
Young Jane
Tim Burton/Ojos Grandes Productions
Alyson's Lover
Mark Mylod/Backstrom Productions
Horns(Feature Film)
Alexandre Aja/Red Granite Pictures
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn(Part 2)
Renesmee (2nd unit, riding werewolf)
Bill Condon/Summit Entertainment
Once Upon A Time(Pilot)
Henry/Dwarfs/Snow White
Mark Mylod/ABC Studios
Circus & Variety (Selected)
Vancouver Web Fest
Scout Mascot
Magician's Assistant/Dancer/Puppeteer
Western Canadian Tour/CANADA
Stage Fright
Magician's Assistant/Dancer/Costumed Characters
Western Canadian Tour/CANADA
Public Dreams
Roxy the Roller Fairy
Inner Ring Circus
Fire Eater
Greek Days
Living Greek Statue
MACIVA Showcase
Double Trapeze (Flyer)
Aerial Silks Duo (Flyer)
New York/USA
The Enchanted Trunk
Aerial Ladder
New York/USA
Chipinaw Circus
Ring Mistress
New York/USA
Summer Madness Showcase
Solo Swinging Trapeze
Skills and Interests

LANGUAGES: Fluent English & Hungarian

ACCENTS: Eastern European, Russian, French, American, British

CIRCUS ARTS: Trapeze, Aerial Ladder, Spanish Web, Clown, Aerial Silks, Lira, Fire Eating, Trick Roller Skating(circus style), Basic Juggling(balls, rings, diablo), Basic Tightwire, Rola Bola, Rolling Globe

MAGIC/ILLUSIONS (Inside): Metamorphosis, Chair Levitation, Tube Zag, Puzzle Lady, Candy Cane Cabinet, Witch Cabinet, Shadow Box, Head Games, Enchanted Door

MAGIC/ILLUSIONS (Assisted): Carton Appearance, Compressed, Santa Appearance, Chair Levitation, Enchanted Door, Triangle Appearance, Twister, Surfboard Levitation, Acupuncture, Metamorphosis, Drawn and Quartered (Mismade Girl), Guillotine, Disembodied, Mummy Levitation, Hand Chopper, Sawn in Half, Escape Stocks, Flash Appearance

DANCE: Jazz, Go Go, Bachata, Ballet(demi pointe), Beginner Tap

SPORTS: Fencing(foil, epee), Swimming, Biking, Ice/Roller Skating/Blading, Ocean Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Waterskiing, Axe Throwing, Archery Tag

OTHER: Stage Combat, Yoga, Modeling, Balloon Twisting, Face Painting, Mascot, Roving Characters, Living Statue, Cotton Candy Spinning, Cooking, Floral Design, Food & Beverage Serving, Class 5 Driver's License