Adam Szamoskozi
Vancouver, BC
Background Performer, Model, Dancer

Agency: Hollywood North Extras

Contact: (778) 688-5781


Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 160

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Adam Szamoskozi always brings his attention to detail and dedication/professionalism to everything he does, taught from his father who was a professional stage actor for 20 years in Transylvania(Europe), and loves to try anything new. He listens really well and loves to take direction and critiques from any type of teacher at anything he attempts, so this way he can grow and really learn from the people who have the knowledge and experience to pass on excellent ideas and show how to approach the task given to him. He has been given the opportunity to be on set for a short while now and enjoys every aspect and loves to see all the professional people behind the scenes on how well they bring the action from each thing they do, to life. It is really remarkable, and he commends everyone from the agency to the writers,directors,crew, and all the performers on such a wonderful task they are doing for the performing arts and what they give to their community and all around the world, so people can enjoy something wonderful and to see it come into fruition by the end.
Adam has performed in many aspects throughout half of his life, mainly on stage, either acting for his community or dancing and now he really enjoys the film industry as well, and will cherish each minute of this great experience he is having along with all the great people he meets on his journey. Thank you.
Film & Television
When Calls The Heart 2014
Season 2 - (Silver City Productions Inc.)
Poor Father in the Hamptons (Atmosphere Scene).
Keurig 2015
Commercial (YouTube)
World War 1 British Soldier, exiting the trenches.
Arrow 2015
Season 3 / Episode. 19 - (Oliver Queen Films)
Protestor with sign.
The Advocate 2015
Season 1 Pilot - (WTP Films)
Spectator in stands, watching in front row.
Full Flood 2015
Special TV Doc. - (Full Flood Pictures Inc.)
Protester, Near elevator, Observer in courtroom.
Proof 2015
Season 1 - (Proof Productions Inc.)
Patient in Hospital with sprained arm.
Darc 2015
Feature Film - JRN Productions BC Inc.
Used my personal car most of the day.
Besties 2015
Film - We are Besties Canada Inc.
"Tim's Fun Park," fun park patron.
Haters Back Off! 2016
Netflix Series - Season 1 / Ep. 7
Stills Photographer in Parade.
Every Christmas Has a Story 2016
TV Movie - Hallmark
Townsfolk looking up at the tree.
Timeless 2016
TV Show - Season 1 / Ep. 2 - Pico Prod. (BC) Lmtd.
Riverdale 2016
TV Show - Season 1 / Ep. 2 - A Touch of Evil
"Riverdale Bulldogs" Townsfolk Pep Rally Supporter
Wisdom of the Crowd 2017
TV Show - Pilot
IT Computer Programmer in Crowd
Singularity 2017
TV Show - Pilot
Company Employee
Actorium Acting School
The Meisner Technique
Arts Umbrella
Acting Classes
Vancouver Hungarian Theatre
Stage acting & Dancing
DVC Ventures (Port Coquitlam)
Gun safety
Vancouver Forras
Hungarian Dancer/Actor (Live Stage Performances)
15 years
Archery classes
High School
Model Photo Stills
Paprika Press
Modeling specifically designed T-shirts for Men.
Skills and Interests

Dancing Styles: Hungarian Dance (Solo & Couples), Hip Hop, Funk, Club, Break Dance, Waltz, Salsa, Ballroom.

Fluent Speaking/Writing/Reading in Hungarian, Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu/Kung Fu) with break fall techniques and rolls, Archery, Gun range practice, Guitar, Piano, Driving skills, Playing Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Skiing, Volleyball.

Reading, Computers, Movies, Hiking, Travel, Cooking, Photography, Biking, Acting, Firearms Fitness/Bodybuilding, Archery.