Vancouver, BC
Precision/Stunt Driver/SAE/BG Performer

Agency: Unaffiliated

Contact: (778) 960-4775

Email: j-thomas69@hotmail.com

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 180

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Jasper Thomas is a full UBCP/ACTRA member and an Apprentice Stuntlist member as a precision/stunt driver.
Jasper is an automotive enthusiast, custom building race cars, collector vehicles and motorcycles.
Jasper has attended Rick Seaman's stunt driving course at the Motion picture driving clinic located in California at Willow Springs Racetrack.
20 plus years motocross freestyle riding, auto racing at Mission Raceways (drag cars), Oval track racing crew at Kent Raceway.
Experience with heavy equipment and large military equipment/vehicles.
Stunt driver for several episodes of Supernatural, Stunt/precision driver, as well as picture car coordinating.
Jasper has been driving on several automobile commercials as well.
Current licences Class 5 with air, Class 6 Motorcycle and Class 1 learners.
Jasper aims to excel at anything thrown in his path, easy to get along with and ready to please.
Supernatural S12, E8
Stunt driver (Black Bentley)
Stunt coordinator: Lou Bollo
Supernatural S12, E8
Stunt driver/double Jensen Ackles (Dean) Impala
Stunt coordinator: Lou Bollo
Supernatural S12, E17
Stunt double (Dr. Turner)
Stunt coordinator: Lou Bollo
Supernatural S12, E22
Stunt driver/double (Walt)
Stunt coordinator: Lou Bollo
Supernatural S12, E22
Stunt double (Walt)
Stunt coordinator: Lou Bollo
Precision Driver (6x6 air-brake military truck)
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Precision Driver
Lemonade films, Peacemaker Filmworks
Man In The High Castle
Driver/Double/Risk Performance (1958 Mercury p/u)
Stunt coordinator: Maja Aro
Rick Seaman's Motion picture driving/safetyclinic
Stunt/precision driving
BCIT marine apprenticeship program
Inboard/Outboard technician
Licensed Marine Technician
Inboard/Outboard technician
BCIT Motorcycle Mechanic ELTT program
Motorcycle Technician
John Casablancas Acting for film and television
Acting course
Class 5 with air brakes
Class 6 Motorcycle license
Class 1 learners
Boating license
Skills and Interests

Precision/Stunt driver, proficient with forward 90's, 180's, 360's. Reverse 180's, box park. Near miss, ramp to ramp, rollovers
Motorcycle skills, ramps, slides, falls. Horseback riding, downhill biking, snowboarding and skiing.
Vintage vehicle driver, mechanical skills (veteran marine and auto technician with 25 years experience)
Interested in auto stunts of all types.
Stunt/precision driving and stunt doubling.
Collector car restoration, race car building and driving (out of pocket racing)
Highly skilled at making old vehicles that barely run look good throughout the scene/shot.