Shahrokh Ferdowsi
Greater Vancouver
Actor, Background Performer, Special Skills Performer

Agency: In-motion Talent

Contact: (778) 707-3102


Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 220

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Shahrokh is a former police officer from Winnipeg. He has been in the movie industry for many years. As a performer, he has been featured in a number of TV shows and feature movies such as Category 7, Maneater (2007 TV), Broken Trust, Something Beneath, The Killing, Arrow, Bates Motel, The 100, Once Upon A Time, Hats Off to Christmas, A Bride for Christmas , iZombie, Wayward Pines, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Falling Skies, Deadpool, Fifty Shades (Darker & Freed), the X-Files My Struggle II,Zoo, Prison Break Sequel, Frequency and many more. Shahrokh loves acting and enjoys performing in order to bring reality to TV sets.
IMDb website:
Film & Television
Framed (TNT 2002 )
FBI Agent; tactical unit
Daniel Perire Jr.
The Many Trials of Jane Doe
Jerry Ciccoritti
Maneater (2007 TV)
Gary Yates
Category 7: The End of the World
The Whitehouse Cameraman/media
Dick Lowry
Something Beneath
Hotel Security / Bodyguard
David Winning
Broken Trust (2011) (Lifetime)
Ron Oliver
True Justice - Vengeance Is Mine-P 2
Detective / Mourner
Keoni Waxman
Arctic Air - Vancouver is a screw up city
Auction Goers
Stacey Stewart Curtis
Assault on Wall Street (MOW)
Uwe Boll
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (Feature movie)
The Guy by the Chili Truck
Thor Freudenthal
Alcatraz (TV Mini-Series)
Airport Patrons
Jake Bender
The Killing, Season 2; EP 12 (TV Series)
City Hall Worker
Daniel Attias
Anchoring In Seattle (TV Movie)
Hospital Patient
Xue Xiao Lu
Fairly Legal (TV Mini-Series) (kiss me Kate)
Union Protestor
Michael W. Watkins
Once Upon a Time (TV Mini-Series) (Dreamy)
David Solomen
Abducted: The Carlina White Story (TV Movie)
Hospital Official
Vondie Curtis-Hall
Arrow (TV Mini-Series) - Ep 2
Dignitary / Paparrazi
David Barrett
Ring of Fire (TV Mini-Series)
Sheriff Malloy
Paul Shapiro
Untold Stories of the ER - Holiday ER
Parent of a sick child
David Massar
Finding Mrs. Claus (MOW)
Sitting on the poker table with Angry Santa
Mark Jean
Arrow (TV Mini-Series) Ep 3
Auction Goer
David Barrett
Delete (TV Mini-Series)
Steve Barron
A Bride for Christmas (MOW)
Art folk
Gary Yates
Emily Owens M.D. Ep 106
The Guy in the Elevator; Hospial visitor
Elizabeth Allen
Twisted Sisters (Pilot)
Neighbour #4
Jon Amiel
Motive (TV Series)
Cruise Ship Passenger
Bronwen Hughes
Arrow (TV Mini-Series) Ep 115
David Barrett
Bates Motel EP 108 (TV Series)
Townsfolk, restaurant patrons
Tucker Gates
Intelligence (TV Series) (Pilot)
Taj Mahal Hotel Hostage
David Semel
Backstrom (Fox TV)
Forensic Investigator
Mark Mylod
King & Maxwell (Wild Card) (TV Series)
Police Detective/SWAT member
Paul A. Kaufman
Godzilla (2014) (Feature Movie))
Doctor (2days) / National Guard (2 days)
Gareth Edwards
If I had Wings (Feature Movie))
Construction Worker
Allan Harman
Hats off to Christmas (MOW)
Restaurant Patrons
Terry Ingram
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland 107
Sultan's Courtier
Ron Underwood
The Interview (Feature)
NYC cab driver
Seth Rogen
The 100 EP 108 (Day Trip) (TV Series)
Pale Corpse / Zombie
Matt Barber
Once Upon A Time in Wondwerland EP 110
Agrabar Citizen
Alex Zakrzewski
50 Shades of Grey (Feature)
Sam Tylor- Johnson
Wayward Pines (TV series) (A Reckoning)
Construction Worker
Nimrod Antol
Jingel All They Way 2 (Feature)
Alex Zamm
Backstrom. (TV Series)
Forensic Investigator - police
Mark Mylod
Only Human (TV) CBC
LAX passenger & hospital visitors
Gavin O'Connor
Night At The Meuseum 3 (Feture Movie)
Shawn Levy
Russell madness (Feature)
Audience member
Robert Vince
Backstrom EP 1- Takes One To Know One
Church Member
The Whispers (TV Series)
Street sales's person
The 100 EP 201 & 203 (CW TV Series) season 2
Camp JAHA (Spaceship crash survivor)
John Showalter
The Returned EP 4 (TV Serirs) season 1 A&E
Robin Campillo
Olympus (TV Series) season 1
Army General
The Whispers (TV Series) S1, Meltdown
Nucleur Plant Employee
Guillermo Navarro
The 100 EP 205 (CW TV Series) season 2
Camp JAHA (Spaceship crash survivor)
Ed Fraiman
Reporter/Courtroom spectator
The 100 EP 206 (CW TV Series) season 2
Camp JAHA (Spaceship crash survivor)
Steven DePaul
The 100 EP 208 (CW TV Series) season 2
Camp JAHA (Spaceship crash survivor)
John Showalter
Backstrom EP 101
Forensic Investigator - police
Life On The Line (Feature)
Bar patron/lineman union member
David hackl
The 100 EP 211
Camp JAHA (Spaceship crash survivor)
P.J. Pasce
iZombie EP 110
Detainee at the Seattle Police Station
Jason Bloom
The 100 EP 213
Camp JAHA survivor
Dean White
Untold Stories - "Diagnose Me"-"Child Abuse"
Detective (Principal - Interrogation Room)
Allan Harmon
Falling Skies S5 EP 10 "Reborn"
International Dignatory/ Embassador
Olatunde Osunosnmi
"Proof" TV series Season 1
Civilian Member
The Cabinet of Souls (TV movie)
Carnival Attendee
Peter Deluise
The Family (TV series EP 1)
Political Rally Activist; Mall Goer
Michael Mayer
Heartbeat (TV series)
Michael M. Robin
Unveiled TV Series
Hospital Officials
David Clarke
Bar Patron
Tim Miller
"Continuum" TV, 4th season; Ep 1 & 4
Police Detective; Uniform Officer
Pat Williams
"Impaster" TV Series Season 1 EP 10
Towns Folk
Clark Mathis
Ice Sculpture Christmas
Upscale Tennis Club Member
David Mackay
Minority Report (TV series). EP 103
Restaurant Patron
Olatunde Osunosnmi
The 100 season 3 EP 1
Dean White
Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow (MOW)
Towns Folk
Kristoffer Tabori
Untitled X-Files My Struggle II season 10 EP 6
Patient, Stranded on hwy
Chris Carter
The Christmas Note (MOW)
Towns Folk
Terry Ingram
Minority Report S1 EP 5 "The Present"
Prison Counsellor
David Straiton
Once Upon A Holiday (MOW) - feature film
New Yorker
James Head
Little Pink House (MOW) - feature film
Susette Supporter & Neighbour
Courtney Balaker
Toni Praxton
Concert Goer
Vondie Curtis-Hall
Shooter TV pilot
Crowd, Presidential Motorcade
Simon Jones
Minority Report S1 EP 9
Protestor at the Clinic
Olatunde Osunonmi
Center Stage TV movie - feature film
Director X
Unleashing Mr Darcy - feature film
Sales Booth Person at Dog Show
David Winning
Phil: A Tale of Flossing And Plumbing
Belt Buckle Man iin the Restaurant
Greg Kinnear
Birth of the Dragon - Bruce Lee story
1964 Championship Match Audience
George Nolfie
The Show - feature film
Auditioner to Die / Protestor
Giancarlo Esposito
White Hot (MOW) Hallmark
Factory Worker
Mark Jean
All Yours (MOV) Hallmark
Audience Member
Monika Mitchell
50 Shades Darker
Passerby/Art Gallary Goer
James Foley
3 Bedrooms & Corpse
Once Upon A Time - Only You S5 EP 22
New Yorker
Romieo Tirone
Zoo - The Walls Of Jerrico EP 204
The Suit
David Solomon
Clubhouse pilot -AKA Legions
Miranda's Rights - pilot
Juror #7
Jeniffer Getzinger
Prison Break: Sequel EP 101
Prisoner Visitor / Fleeing Travelor
Nelson McCormick
Prison Break Sequel 102,103,104
Prisoner, Airport Patron
Nelson MoCormick
Fifty Shades Freed
Wedding guests
James Foley
Prison Break 105
James Foley
Wayward Pines EP 209
Mathias HerndiMathias
Wayward Pines EP 210
Ti West
When We Rise TV series
Political activist
Wayward Pines EP 210
Ti West
Death Note - feature
Adam Wingard
Prison Break EP 108 &109
Nelson MoCormick
Frequency EP 102
NYPD Detective (continuity)
Timeless TV series EP 102
Wedding guest party
Wonder - feature film
OKJD feature movie
VIP Guest
Joon-Ho Bong
The Maggitions
New Yorker
Once Upon A Time, EP 605, Street Rates
Akrabar Market Shopper
Norman Buckley
Frequency TV series, EP 105
NYPD Detective
Supergirl, 2nd season, EP 205
Forensic Investigator, Police
Glen Winter
Mech 4; EP 203
"Angel In Training" Halmark
Audience Member
My So Called Wife EP 104
Restaurant patron
John Scott Shepherd
Frequency TV Series, EP 109
NYPD Detective
John Showalter
"You, Me & Her", 2nd Season
Local folk
Sara St. Onge
"Power Rangers" feature film
Injured Townsfolk
Dean Israelite
Frequency TV Series, EP 110
NYPD Detective
My So Called Wife, EP 105
Aquarium visitor
"No Tomorrow", TV Series. EP 110
Audience Member
Anna Mastro
Pinch of Love - MOW
ND Folk
Supernatural EP 1213
"No Tomorrow", TV series, EP 111
Restaurant patron, Icelandic Tour Group
Greg Beeman
Once Upon A Time EP 615
Steve Pearlman
Once Upon A Time, episode 615
Agrabar Vender
Steve Pearlman
The 100, episode 413
Dean White
The Mountain Between Us - feature movie
Hospital Visitor (London)
Hany Abu-Assad
The Predator - feature movie
Police Detective
Shane Black
Supergirl, ep 218
Conference Attendee
Armin Kevorkian
Doomsday season 1
DC passerby
Joachim Ronning
Meditation Park (inde) - feature
Mina Shum
Zoo, Season 3 episode 5
NYPD Detective
Norman Buckley
Wisdom of the Crowd
Passerby - Los Angeles
Adam Davidson
Supergirl EP 221
National City Civilian Member
Millicent Shelton
Haters Back Off EP 202
Airport employee - Baggage handler
"Beyond" TV series EP 201 & 202
Airport Factory Worker
Steven Adelson
Somewhere Between EP 107
Security Guard at the Hospital
"Beyond" TV series, EP 203
Airport Factory Worker
Steven Adelson
Summer of '84 - feature movie
Police Detective
Francis Simard
Dragged Across Cement, feature movie
Hotdog Vendor
S. Craig Zadhler
The Crossing! EP 105
Photo Session (print)
Arrow, season 6 EP 6
Scientist; lab worker
Exorcist EP 205
Jason Ensler
Flash Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 S4 Ep 8
Resistance Fighter
Christmas at Evergreen Inn
Six EP 208
Khan Family Member
Supergirl EP 309
FBI Agent
Life Sentence Ep 109
Cafeteria Patron
Exorcist EP 210
Life Sentence Season 1 Ep 13
Cafeteria Patron, townsfolk
Aurora Teagarden mystery: Disappearing Game
Library Patron, Private Club Attendee
Terry Ingrom
Salvation EP 201
Whitehouse press - continuity
Stuart Gillard
The End of the World As We Know It
Salvation EP 203
Press - courthouse steps
The Girl In The Bathtub, MOW
Upscale Restaurant patron
Salvation EP 210
Whirehouse cameraman - Video Press
A Dog's way Home; feature movie
Photo Double
Salvation Ep 213
Video Press
The Christmas Past - feature movie
Church Goer
Marita Garbiak
Another Life, Season I EP 1, 7 & 10
Field Scientist (continuity)
Omar Madha
Snowpiercer TV series EP 103
Engineer (continuity)
Sam Miller
Snowpiercer EP 105
Frederick E.O. Toye
The Detour TV episode
Airline Passenger
"Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas", feature
Chicago O'Hare Passenger
"A Million Little Things", Season 1 EP13
Concerned Citizen
James Griffith
Hailey Dean Mystery
Bar patron
Snowpiercer EP 109 & 110
Thirdies Rebel
James Nawes
"A Million Little Things", season 1 EP 15
Someday Reastaurant Patron
James Griffith
DC Legends; Season 4 EP 16
US Capital Politician
Electric cart driver
Biker Bar Patron
Upload; EP 103
Scientist observer
Police officer (Winnipeg Police Department)
Lawyer (Trial Attorney); 2 years
Driving Emergency Vehicles
Firearms Safety - Level 1(Actsafe)
First Aid
SWAT Training completed.
Teaching (TA) University of Manitoba
Introduction to Acting
Audition Strategies Workshop - Mark Brandon
Skills and Interests

Former police officer. Practiced criminal law in Winnipeg. Completed defensive and offensive driving as a police officer.